Welcome to Knilb’s documentation!

Hello, and thank you for trying out Knilb.

Knilb is a testing automation platform for Internet of Things where the customer experience involves interacting with the physical environment.

Knilb helps your team to accelerate product innovation by reducing uncertainty and fear of “breaking things” in the real world through easier, better “solution testing”.

This platform automates tests from your API to your device’s physical IO. Commonly known as “solution testing” or “end to end testing”.

Working with Knilb

Your Device (Under Test) is IP-addressable with a RESTful API.

Your Automated Testing Equipment is IP-addressable with a RESTful API.

You use Knilb cloud service to create Tests, manage a Test Plan, and get Results of the Test Plan.

You install the Knilb Agent to control interactions between the Knilb cloud service, your Device Under Test, and your Automated Test Equipment.