Let’s get started! This quickstart provides the end-to-end experience of working with the Agent to execute a test plan on the Cloud Service.

This quickstart eases your first trial using an optional built-in mock API to simulate network communications to the Device Under Test (DUT) and Automated Test Equiment (ATE).

You’ll need the following:

  • knilb package installed on your computer.

  • Internet connection to reach the Cloud Service.

  • An account on the Cloud Service.

Install Knilb Agent

Python Version

knilb is tested against Python 2.7 and Python 3.8


knilb uses these Python packages from PyPI. Each package will also install its dependencies.

  • Requests enables HTTP requests, including session and cookies.

  • Responses provides a utility for mocking server API calls.


Simply use pip to install. Remember, use a virtual environment.

$ pip install knilb